The Gospelaires are excited to be coming to you with the ministry of Gospel music. It is our goal to win souls for the glory of the LORD! We try to achieve the highest level of music, but realize that the music is just a tool to present our Savior, JESUS CHRIST! We will look forward to closing this service with a time of invitation, to allow people a time to ask JESUS in their hearts and lives.

++++Just a few reminders, if you could help us with this, it will make the service better, we are sure.

1 - Please run an ad in local newspaper, use photo included and biography. Sometimes papers will run a story to promote the event at no charge.

2 - Please make sure that all of the local Christian radio stations know about this event. Also, we have found that many Christians listen to country music also. Please ask the local country radio station to announce this service. Many times it's free also.

3 - Ask everyone in your congregation to be sure to attend this special service and to please bring friends and family, especially lost loved ones. Also ask everyone to start a Facebook and/or twitter announcement. It’s amazing how many people are online.

4 - Make sure the service is on the Church sign

5 - Play some of our CDs on Sundays when folks are coming into Church and leaving a few weeks before this engagement so they become familiar with who is coming to see them.

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