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Based out of Mooresville, NC, the Gospelaires originated in 1966 as a female quartet within Fern Hill Baptist Church.  From 1966 to 1993, many changes molded this quartet to make it what it is today.  Later, the Lord led the group to travel and has truly blessed our efforts to serve Him​.

The Gospelaires’ mission is to devote our lives to Him and share with others the greatest story ever told- Jesus!  Our primary goal is to worship Jesus, see souls saved, lives rededicated and hearts uplifted.

The Gospelaires would like to thank all our friends and followers for their prayers and encouragement.  Also, we send a special thank you to Liberty Baptist Church for their monthly support to help us travel another mile to share the gospel in song.


Rick Campbell

Rick Campbell, the lead singer of the Gospelaires, lives in Mooresville, North Carolina.  Also known as the spokesperson for the group, there is no other singer to match his willingness and faithfulness to serve God.  Driving the bus, booking the dates, and running the sound, are just a few of his abilities that he gives back to the Lord.  There is nothing Rick enjoys more than singing.  He often says, “I may not be much, but I’m a child of the King.   There is no greater fulfillment than to share that with fellow Christians and to encourage them to go a little further.”

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Susan Campbell

Susan Campbell, Rick’s wife, sings alto and plays the keyboard.  Growing up in a Christian home and having a great desire to learn to play piano and sing, inspired Susan to strive to use her talents for the Lord.  Susan has played piano in church practically all of her life.   Susan knows “there is no greater feeling than to know we have shown the love of Jesus to someone through song.  It is truly a blessing to see lives changed!  Seeing first hand His blessings on us only makes us want to praise Him more.”

Chris Sloan
Paula Sloan

Chris Sloan lives in Statesville, North Carolina. He attends Mt. Nebo Baptist Church in Hiddenite. He has been singing since he was 3 years old. His first song that he sung in church was Jesus Loves  Me, for a piece of chewing gum. Chris was born again when he was about 6 years old. He has always loved singing and has wanted to sing for others and share Jesus' love.

Paula Sloan, is Chris' wife and they have a daughter named Victoria. They live in Statesville, North Carolina and attend at Mt. Nebo Baptist Church. Paula asked Jesus as her personal Savior when she was about 19 years old. Music and sharing her love for Jesus to kids and others has always been something she loves to do.